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Finspot Technologies Limited is a provider of software solutions that facilitate fast, automated, and secure invoice financing on a large scale. We offer a fully customizable invoice financing platform banks and private factoring companies currently use. In addition, we offer Whisper, a software used to prevent double-financing fraud. Whisper has become a market standard used by over 20 financial institutions in Serbia since June 2023. Finspot Technologies Limited operates a fully licensed invoice financing company through its subsidiary, Finspot d.o.o., based in Belgrade, Serbia. Soon, we will operate on our first EU market, Croatia, through a new subsidiary company, Finspot Factoring dd, based in Zagreb, Croatia. We use our software stack to offer small and medium companies the fastest and fully digital invoice financing service—the most overlooked market segment by traditional players.

Ease your customer’s liquidity problems with reliable cloud-based factoring software

Comarch Factoring manages the entire invoice lifecycle without unnecessary paperwork. The solution integrates a dedicated customer service tool, an advanced settlement engine and multi-channel access to factoring services. Thanks to the end-to-end process support the factoring company’s costs and workload are reduced to minimum.

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