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SEFLink- an innovative platform for comprehensive electronic financing

SEFLink application is an innovative platform for comprehensive electronic financing, which solves the key problem of lack of financial monitoring for small business owners. Our service is designed and made for small and micro businesses that use electronic invoices. The application provides advanced tools to achieve previously unattainable levels of financial stability and efficiency in business. One of the biggest problems that businesses face today is poor payment practices where their customers fail to make payment on time. This has a very large impact on businesses, especially SMEs who face the problem of having a limited cash flow. The late payments problem has resulted in businesses facing severe consequences and sometimes causing them to shut down. Through SEF LINK, entrepreneurs receive real-time information directly on their mobile devices, making it easier for them to make key business and financial decisions. The application is available for Android and iPhone users. Users can monitor CASH FLOW, FACTORING options and manage E-INVOICES.

Ease your customer’s liquidity problems with reliable cloud-based factoring software

Comarch Factoring manages the entire invoice lifecycle without unnecessary paperwork. The solution integrates a dedicated customer service tool, an advanced settlement engine and multi-channel access to factoring services. Thanks to the end-to-end process support the factoring company’s costs and workload are reduced to minimum.

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